Estate Litigation

estate litigationWhen a family member passes on, and surviving family members need time to mourn, some members of the family immediately angle to attempt to maximize their recovery of the estate assets. What should be a time of solemn reflection, often turns into fighting, arguments and debate. Brazil & Dunn has experience representing individuals in disputes over the distribution over the estate. Whether the estate possesses rare artifacts such as coins, arts and antiques or valuable real estate, clients need attorneys with substantial experience in this matter.

Litigating a lost one’s estate is never an enjoyable experience. The last thing a family wants to do is lose a substantial portion of the estate to attorney fees in resolving a dispute. Many times, the disputes cannot be avoided. The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn know how to economically represent clients in these disputes and still obtain the best possible result.

Private family interests often come into play. Embarrassing stories or family events go to the heart of these disputes, even though they rarely have any legal effect. Brazil & Dunn knows how to deal with these issues to obtain the best results for their clients.