Election Disputes

election disputesElection litigation is a very specialized area of the law. There are only a handful of attorneys in the state that have the background and experience to handle these cases. Brazil & Dunn has been handling election matters for numerous election cycles. The first has more than a dozen reported election cases decided throughout the state and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. These cases are routinely cited and used in ongoing election matters.

Whether a candidate is facing a Texas Ethics Commission complaint or the outcome of an election is in the balance, the attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have been there before.

The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have handled litigation concerning nominees for president of the United States, nominees for United States Congress, nominees for the State Legislature, and nominees for most county and city offices. From voting systems, voter registration, voting process, ballot applications, election contests and more, the attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have extensive experience.

If you are a serious candidate pursuing an important office, it is important to obtain election legal assistance before votes are cast. However, if voting has already begun or taken place and you find yourself in need of ele4ction services, Brazil & Dunn has some of the extensive experience of any attorneys throughout the state.