Real Estate

real estateDisputes over real estate are serious matters. Often, real estate is divided among family members. Other times it is divided during divorce. Partners purchase property together, as do friends and relatives. When there is disagreement over the development of the property, payment of expenses, or ownership, litigation usually ensues.

Real estate litigation is like any other. There are special rules in real estate cases that relate to venue, pleading requirements, rules of evidence, obtaining important real estate documents, securing discovery, and working with surveyors and appraisers. Attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have handled real estate litigation matters in counties all over the state, from multi-million dollar ranches and commercial developments to disputes over urban lots and fences.

Disputes among families require a special approach. It is unfortunate when it happens, but Brazil & Dunn has experience representing one sister suing another, parents suing their children, cousins suing one another, and virtually any other intra-family dispute relating to real estate. Personal issues as well as legal issues are often critical. Brazil & Dunn has the experience dealing with all the issues that develop in a real estate dispute.