Employment Litigation

employmentHaving a good job is a component of a happy personal and family life. Sometimes unforeseen events find you quickly without employment. Many times your employment discharge was caused by your personal efforts to reform wrongful activities with your employer. On the other hand, employers make decisions regarding their workforce that often result in litigation. Brazil & Dunn has represented small, medium and large employers as well as numerous employees in lawsuits and arbitrations concerning the employee/employer relationship.

Another area of the law often overlooked by trial professionals is the Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal employee protection statutes. Employment litigation involving the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (E.R.I.S.A.) is also very specialized and success requires legal counsel with the appropriate background and experience. The professionals at Brazil & Dunn have extensive experience litigating numerous types of employment legal issues. If you find yourself facing such a dispute, get help from experienced professionals quickly.