Personal Injury

personal injuryPersonal Injury litigation is becoming more and more complicated. Over the last 10 years the civil justice system, civil litigants, and jurors in particular have been under attack. Some feel jurors are incapable of assessing fair damages in cases. The alternative is leaving it up to judges, and the results have been damaging.

Individuals who have been seriously or catastrophically injured are learning one at a time how restrictive our civil justice system has become. Often, injured plaintiffs receive only a percentage of the value of the damages they have sustained.

The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn are both board certified in personal injury trial law. Each of them has extensive experience trying cases before jurors all over the state, securing verdicts, and holding those verdicts on appeal.

Medical bills, transportation cost, lost wages, lost of inheritance, loss of consortium, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, and economic damages are still obtainable through civil litigation, but experience and tenacity are required. The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have the experience to maximize your recovery in the current legal climate.