White Collar Crime

white collar crimeAny criminal matter is a serious business but white collar crime is a field of its own. All too often, businessmen, accountants, and professionals who are facing white collar criminal charges turn solely to criminal attorneys. Unfortunately, white collar criminal defense is sometimes more similar to civil litigation than criminal law.

The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have extensive experience representing clients in white collar criminal matters. These cases often include numerous experts, complicated financial matters, and thousands of pages of documents. Brazil & Dunn knows how to handle these complicated matters and do so at the minimal possible expense. Furthermore, Brazil & Dunn often coordinates with experienced criminal counsel to provide their clients with the best representation.

When the F.B.I., U.S. Marshals, or Secret Service contact your firm about a pending criminal investigation, it is a serious matter. You should take no steps before obtaining competent legal advice. Brazil & Dunn has experience dealing with search warrants, forfeitures, restitution, grand juries and all aspects of a white collar criminal case.