Construction Disputes

construction disputesPlans and specifications, AIA contracts, arbitration agreements, contractors and sub-contractor’s agreements, mechanic liens, and fund trapping letters are not matters construction clients should handle on their own. Decisions you make before the dispute arises will be critical in how such a dispute is resolved.

When you supply labor and materials to a construction project you expect and need to be paid. Often, waiting for litigation to resolve itself is unacceptable. There are ways to obtain monies you are owed by perfecting liens and sending fund trapping letters. These are not tasks advisable to undertake on your own.

If you are unsatisfied with the work performed on your construction project, count on Brazil & Dunn to assist you in resolving your dispute with the contractors and sub-contractors. On the other hand, if you are owed money, you should contact Brazil & Dunn immediately. There are important and short deadlines for assessing liens. Brazil & Dunn will coordinate with another law firm to get these liens recorded timely. If the amount owed is not immediately paid, Brazil & Dunn will take the necessary legal steps to ensure your invoices are paid.