Insurance Disputes

insurance disputesAll too often, business and individuals suffer catastrophic loss and learn shortly thereafter their nightmare extends with ongoing disputes with the insurance company. One adjuster is assigned and then another, documents are sent, claimed they are lost and then sent again. Whether it is intentional behavior or disorganization, the result is the same for you - your business is interrupted or you cannot obtain the medical care or real estate repairs you need.

The policy of insurance you have with your carrier is written for their benefit and not yours. Brazil & Dunn has extensive experience with commercial, real estate, auto, and home insurance policies. The firm has extensive experience handling insurance appraisals and other pre-suit insurance dispute resolution procedures.

More often than not, insurance disputes require litigation to resolve. Delay is normally in the insurance company’s best interest. You need attorneys on your side that know how to deal with the insurance companies and avoid litigation.

The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have extensive experience filing claims against insurance companies from all over the nation and abroad. The firm knows how to pick the most advantageous forum or how to navigate the arbitration process. The firm has access to extensive experts to help you prove the fault of the insurance company and justify the policy benefits you wish to recover.

When your insurance company is “dragging its feet” call the attorneys at Brazil & Dunn for advice. When it appears it is time to move the dispute “to the next level” call the attorneys at Brazil & Dunn so they can bring their experience to bear for you.