Federal Court Practice

federal court practiceFederal courts are organized and funded by the United States of America. State courts are organized and funded by citizens of the state of Texas. The rules in each of these courts are similar in some respects and vastly different in others. Practicing in all courts is serious business but federal courts require a certain level of expertise. Many qualified, experienced trial attorneys in the state will not practice in federal court because of the different rules and deadlines.

At any given time, Brazil & Dunn is handling numerous federal court litigation matters. Approximately 30% of the cases the firm handles are in federal courts. These cases include business disputes, bankruptcy, white collar crimes, election cases, and civil voting rights. The firm has also handled personal injury cases in federal court.

The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn are experienced in the complicated discovery rules of Federal Court including rules of electronic discovery. Because the firm has extensive experience practicing federal appeals, it gives the attorneys a unique view on practicing in federal trial courts.

The firm has handled litigation matters in federal court throughout the state, including Houston, Beaumont, Lufkin, Marshall, Texarkana, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Midland. The firm’s attorneys are familiar with most of the federal judges in the state and are familiar with each court’s local rules.

Federal court rules are different than state court rules. Furthermore, each judge within the federal courts has adopted his or her own rules. Complying with these rules is critical in obtaining any satisfactory result in federal court. These rules can also be used for the client's advantage when opposing counsel is not as familiar with federal court practice.

Brazil & Dunn has extensive experience in various court cases to bring you results in your pending federal litigation matter.