Business Disputes

business disputesCorporations, partnerships, joint ventures, and numerous other organizations unfortunately sometimes do not operate as well as their founders would hope. Often founders and partners end up in disputes with one another. Successful businesses must be divided fairly. More importantly, none of the principals in the business desire to lose their entire investments to attorneys fighting over its division.

Attorneys at Brazil & Dunn know how to finesse these relationships to divide important business interests and avoid litigation. When litigation cannot be avoided, Brazil & Dunn has the experience to obtain the best results for its clients. Brazil & Dunn has handled numerous business organization cases.

Often your business has been harmed by another. Whether it is theft of trade secrets, employees, or valuable business ideas, litigation can be a tool to recover your damages. Businesses also end up in litigation with one another over illegal competition and other wrongful conduct. These cases often involve substantial documentation and experts. Dispute resolution agreements have been reached through arbitration, mediation, and summary trials. Brazil & Dunn has experience working through these issues to get the best results for their clients. Brazil & Dunn has represented small, medium, and large business. Brazil & Dunn has represented publicly traded businesses and family businesses. Each has their own characteristics and the firm treats each accordingly.

More and more, the attorneys at Brazil & Dunn have been retained by business clients from other firms around the states. Their largest complaint is the size of their billing in relation to the services provided. It is not uncommon for business during litigation to receive large attorney fee bills. Sometimes this cannot be avoided because of numerous hearings, depositions, and other activities taking place in a case. The attorneys at Brazil & Dunn are some of the most economical business litigators in the state. The attorney will make available on request other business references who will attest to the value of the services they received from the firm.